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Latest News, June 17 2012

Chinese civili▓ans at his refugee

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temporary land art project in the world is set to dazzle art lovers in New York. And if you can't catch the "Rhythms of Life" art work by

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up close, you'll be able to see it all in a boo▓k.The creation is the largest land art project on the planet. Covering five contine▓nts, And

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rew Rogers' massive majestic▓ stone sculptures can even be seen from satellite photos. His land art project is now the subject of a new ▓art

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exhibit in New York, as well as ▓a new book.The Australian artist has been traveling around the world, creating the natural sc▓ulptures --

the refugee cen

or geoglyphs -- since 1998.Andrew Rogers said, "For me this project has been a constant journey▓ for ten

ter. There are

years. It's across five continents. It's involved five thousand people in twelve ▓countries, so it's been


very special and full time."R▓ight now, there are over 30 different land art sculptures created by Roger

se scenes of cro

s in Israel, Chile, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India, China, Icel▓and, Australia, Nepal, Slovakia and in

ssfire in the

the Unite▓d States.Rogers says his art is about life and regeneration. During the formation o▓f the sculptures, Roger

s says local people help to create the artwork using construction materials

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